Route13 isn't just a locally based business, we are a business that possesses a great heart, striving to actively engage with and support our local community in Leicester. Over the past year we have supported many groups within the local area building up networks across the city.

 Being the newest member at Route13 I have witnessed this generous approach first hand. Whilst in my final year at De Montfort University the team contacted the students with a donation of many varied boxes of yarns and bags full of sample garments. This was a huge help to me personally.  During my time studying a fashion course I can say that expenses do run high as they do on many creative courses, what may seem like a donation of unused yarns to me meant an ease on the expenditure of my final collection and the variety of yarns pushed me to experiment when I may of not have done so before. The sample garments were a huge benefit when studying the construction of knitwear and these really helped when it came to our personal designs and working on a mannequin. At Route13 we will continue this donation scheme with the university and every term we hope to help the new students and maybe even gain a few knitting converts along the way.
 We have since supported more DMU 1st years students with their first ever knitwear project. We were also happy to extended this with a factory tour and show whole manufacturing process from start to finish. 



 WN Air Ambulance and DLR Air Ambulance 
 This is one of the newest charity that we have supported this year. We have donated knitted garments and samples that are no longer needed in the factory. These will be sold on and raise money for this great charity, whilst also upcycling garments that can be reused and re-worn to save them from ending up on the land field. 

Knitting community 
Alongside the partnership with the University we have also donated yarn of all amounts, weights and textures to the wonderful Manor House Knitters who are a local machine knitting club who meet up on Thursdays at the West End Centre in Leicester just off Hinkley Road. These lovely ladies and gents are super experienced domestic machine knitters who provide a welcoming environment to people of all abilities from Beginners right up to Pro’s. They are always very grateful for any donations as they also welcome in De Montfort students who need an extra hand. We will continue with these donations every 3 months or so to keep them topped up and knitting away. They also have managed to knit up various pieces for selling at fairs and Borough Markets with all proceeds going to other Charities. They have most recently raised £50 for Loros.

Leicester craft centre
This craft centre is a local centre that allows the community to start creating from knitting, to crotchet and weave. This centre caters from absolute beginners to advanced creators. We at Route13 have helped them by donating yarns to them to help support all level of abilities. The benefits of us donating yarns allows the community to experiment with different varieties of yarns and challenge their projects with different textures and different weights that they may not have tried before.