Route13 at the Makers Yard

On Sunday the 25th November, we had the pleasure of attending our very first Christmas Market at the glorious Makers Yard; a two-day event which was spread across numerous floors in a building of a local Leicester studio space which showcases the cities small business’ and very talented individuals. This opportunity was Route13’s first public appearance, enabling us to advertise our products first hand instead of on screen. As a new brand in Leicester what better place to start than a local event, giving us a taste of selling our collections to the public instead of from behind a screen.
 Obviously, we brought far too much stuff being the eager beavers that we are so this was our first learning curve of the day, reducing our stock to fit our allocated stall. It was interesting to see what other members of the Makers Yard had to offer in comparison to us, each and everyone of them had a unique touch or selling point. This made the whole event more versatile for the customer as not one stall had the same product or way of working.
Profit wasn’t the main objective for us on the day, we were more focused with talking to the public about our budding brand and seeing what our customers were interested in; understanding how can we move forward with our new collections to incorporate what they want or look for in knitwear and knitted homewares?
Amongst the maze of Christmas decorations, woodwork and tasty food, we shared a studio space with various creative business’ including one off designers, artists and craft makers. Here’s a small insight into the wonderful company we had at the Maker’s Yard’s Christmas Market.  
With everyone in the festive spirit it was hard to resist the delights from @bearandbobbin, her hand made decorations, accessories and small interiors were to die for. All crafted from old clothes and fabrics to give them a new lease of live. Bear & Bobbin’s sustainable way of working was a huge interest of ours as this is a close topic to our creative hearts, being aware of environmental waste and upcycling fabrics. As designers, we are always working on new ways of working and new yarns which will improve our eco footprint in today’s industry. Check out their Instagram and website for all your christmasy needs over December: 
Everyone needs a hat, right? @Giulia.mio.millinery creates the most beautifully handmade hats and head pieces for all occasions under the sun, whether you are attending the races, a wedding or simply want to be fabulous, this lady has it all. As a team we were truly fascinated by her collection and the intricate detail which had gone into each piece, so much so that we strutted through the studio in them all. And obviously we all looked magnificent! This woman is exceptionally talented, check out her incredible work on Instagram. 
If you are looking for something more contemporary @hollyhomewares is your go to girl. She is a fellow DMU graduate like two members of our team, who graduated with a first in Design Crafts. Holly’s minimalist approach to her colour palette and intricate designs will enhance any home; whether it’s ring holders for your bedroom or accessories for your kitchen. Follow her on Instagram to see her beautiful interior collections.
Meeting customers who visited the Maker’s Yard on the Sunday was extremely helpful for us as a brand. It allowed us to gauge a better understanding of the target audience we should be focussing on and gave us an insight on their thoughts towards our designs. It also gave us a chance to tell them our story and engage with our custom on a more personal level, in turn helping us with our next direction for 2019. The reaction has been very encouraging since the Christmas market and traffic has increased throughout our online platforms. It is great to see how one day of interacting with the public can make a difference to our company sales and awareness of the brand’s name.
Now in full swing of Christmas, Route 13 are sending deliveries out like little elves to make sure our lovely customers have everything they need before the festive break. We have also released our very own Christmas Jumper that has been a smash! In a trio of colours and sparkles to get you in the festive spirit. 
We want to encourage more customers to follow and support our business throughout the season. To make shopping with us personal and unique from other online websites, we have created festive interactions throughout the month for you to get involved with. Find our offers for a new daily deal each day for the countdown till Christmas!
With 1 event under our belt, bring on them all. We will be looking out for other markets similar throughout next year. If you think we would suit your event, please get in touch at