Route 13 Through the Eyes of a Camera

Route 13 is a new fashion line starting up in Leicester. Products are made and designed all in England, something that is almost a rarity amongst companies these days. Many things are made abroad and are imported into the country. The fact that Route 13 produce and create their own line within Leicester is an important feature to their branding but should also be cherished due smaller co2 print they are creating. The concept of producing items in the UK is an old one however nowadays it is a concept that is almost completely foreign.
It is this new urban style that I started to study in preparation for shoots with Route 13. I started my research with look books from well-known companies such as Topshop and River Island. I’ve recently discovered a company called Ragged Priest that’s products and photography stuff shouts urban youth to me. Now in fashion many photos are screaming street photography. Street photography gives an almost industrial vibe to photos. To me the idea of street photography is effective, it gives the impression that anyone could be wearing the products. There has also been a lot of park like shots in preparations for the warmer weather that is starting to hit.
We’ve done a few shoots over the last few weeks in different locations with two different models. The first shoot that we did with Inez we started in the factory were products are
(Top photo – wearing The Lucy Jumper. Bottom photo – wearing The Daisy Tee.)
As previously mentioned the fact that Route 13 is a company born and bred in Leicester is an important asset selling point. So, we wanted to reflect this through the photo taken that would be used for sight and promotion purposes. The Factory adds to this idea of the industrial urban aesthetic that other companies have pursued with their styles. But at the same time, it literally shows people that products are being produced right at the heart of the Midlands.
We also thought it was important to ensure we look at going for the urban street photography style that is so widely loved by many company but photographers alike at this moment in time. To show the everyday look that these clothes also provide customers.
(Top – wearing The Amy Cami. Bottom – wearing The Lola Cardi.)
We hit the jackpot when we found a building along the streets we had been taking photos as we found a set of stairs that led us to a relaxed shoot. The lighting was perfect on the stairs as it didn’t wash out the colour of the products or the model herself. It was very natural, which is how photos want to look. Customers should be given the impression that a model is comfortable and happy in the products she is promoting in a shoot.
When looking for locations to take photos we thought of some places that give that park and summer vibes, potential places somebody could be caught wearing products in the summer weather. The decision was made to take some photos at the Botanical Gardens in Leicester. Keeping with the idea of local support.
(Top – The Mona Top. Bottom – The Sasha V Neck.)
Now it would be a lie to say every product was as easy to shoot as another. Some items are ideal products to take on holiday and pair up with a bikini. We brain stormed many ideas of what would be best for these products. We decided that summer is a perfect festival time with Leeds and Reading festival right around the corner so we decided to get some photos to promote this idea.
(Top and bottom – wearing The Gabrielle Top)
It has been a pleasure to work with Route 13 on their upcoming work. There is a strong vision from the team and they are dedicated in ensuring their vision is realised. Here are few personal favourite photos of mine from my work with Route 13.
(From top to bottom: The Camilla Cable Cami, The Missy Top, The Penny Tank, The Harper Jumper & Skirt.)
- Lucy Bullock