London VS Milan

As the curtains close on another week in fashions biggest month with London we are now in full swing with Milan's fashion week, (no such thing as rest in fashion.)
Now the days are drawing in knit wear is making its annual footprint. We have collaborated London's and Milan's top knitwear which will make a big influence during this season.
First up is London. We have picked out the Argyle jumper on the catwalk designed by Toga, this type of knit jumper has been seen all round the high street and high end shops. It 's a statement piece to the wardrobe but an easy wear. We are loving this trend at the moment, it looks classy is subtle colours but also works wonders in striking colours.

 London, Toga

Continuing onto London's Fashion week finds we spot the knitted stripe dress by Edeline Lee. Knitted dresses are making a comeback this year, knitted dresses are such a classic piece to the wardrobe in the autumn, keeping you warm and stylish whilst not drowning in the endless jumpers and scarf hiding your figure. Holding tight onto the last dresses of year. 

London, Edeline Lee 


After London's great success on the catwalk Milan pulls through with the statement knit shapes on the Balloon shaped arms. Knit shapes are a win win in the autumn winter time. Making a simple piece of knit interesting in the subtlest way and Luisa Spagnoli accomplishes this look fantastic. 

Milan, Luisa Spagnoli

The last look from Milan's Fashion week that will be appearing in your Autumn/ Winter Wardrobe will be the statement knits, whether that is the jumper dress, the bold shapes, the elegant dress Anteprima smash it this season. These make an appearance ever year but this years they are coming in thicker, longer, fluffier and just heaps loads more beautiful. They are a perfect way to excite your wardrobe and pull away from the dull colours and simple silhouette.   

Milan, Anteprima.


Next stop Paris.