5 Top Tips for Galentine's Day


14th of February is a holiday exclusively for those in a relationship, but why does not having a significant other mean you will be missing out on all the fun?

Valentine's day is a celebration that some love and some people can’t stand…

Not having a partner on Valentine’s day shouldn’t be something to get you down, get your girls together and celebrate it together in GALANTINE'S DAY STYLE.

This tradition of the non-official holiday of Galantine's Day came from season 6 ep107.of  Parks and Recreation where it gave all the girls a chance to get together a day before Valentine’s day to celebrate "ovaries before brovaries".

Nearly a decade later and this tradition is still standing and becoming much more popular and well known amongst us girls. In some cases, it is replacing Valentine’s Day rather than celebrating it the day before. That is girl power for you!

So no need to feel blue on the 14th, here’s our top 5 things to do this Galentine’s Day to make the evening fun and full of love, for everyone…. even on a small budget!

1.Fine dine darlin’

As we all know the best way to win over someone’s heart is through food…Traditionally, couples go out for a romantic candle lit dinner sitting across one another looking dreamily into each other’s eyes with a bill at the end that breaks their heart?....scrap that! Head to your local supermarket and make a feast! You can collect a mountain of food at the fraction price of what they charge at restaurants on this holiday. Chip in a fiver each and you will be in a food coma in no time.


 2.Gift your gals

Want to do something slightly more personal for all your besties? We are all familiar with the aspect of Secret Santa so why don’t create a spin on that with Secret Cupid. Each of you set a budget on presents and treat all yourself with a little gift for one another. 

3.Love potion

What’s a celebration without a little drink or two…? You will be surprised how easy it is to become a cocktail maker for the night. This is such a fun way to get the night going and get your taste buds all fruity! Check out these recipes for you all to give a shake and stir with.

Cocktails Recipes 


Photo: Martini

 4.Romance isn’t dead

Whether you’ll admit it or not everyone loves a bit of rom-com and what better way to acknowledge a holiday dedicated to love than to get cosy up and binge watch some of the all-time classic romantic films.

Put up some cute fairy lights and dig out your duvet and cushions to keep it cosy for you all.

If it’s a bit of Ryan Gosling or Leonardo DiCaprio you want to pull on your heart strings you can find the top rom-com films on Netflix. Perfect way to pull your night together.

5.Show the love

Taking the inspiration from our childhood classic ‘Angus thongs and perfect snogging’. When the girls create the list game! But let’s not fall out guys, we’ve made our own spin on it! Make a list of all the memories you have made as a group and throw in some funny stories that will take you back to the past. Put your memory to the test and try to figure out who was the memory made by. Great way to remember why you are all a huge part of each other’s lives, making you realise what a great friendship group you belong to.  


Hope you all have a lovely day and share the love with all your closest gals! xoxox