Closing the Loop on Fashion

The team at Route13 are doing their part for the planet and have discovered the company called Recover. A upcycled textile system that is a classic blend of Recover upcycled cotton and RPRET bottles, designed for comfort and all types of fashion applications. 
These yarns are made in Spain and they are made from recycled bottles!! Closing the loop on fashion and making the fast paced industry more environmentally friendly. 
Not only do they use plastic bottles that would be thrown onto the waste land but instead they create them into the worlds finest yarns they also use textile waste. The system cycle they go by on a daily basis is
1. Used clothes and garment production waste is submitted. Old garments and textile waste are deposited at collection bins for re-wear or recycling.

2.We recover used clothing and textile waste. Hilaturas Ferre collects and sorts textile waste resources from all over the planet.
3. Ferre upcycles textile waste into new Recover fiber. Cutting/shredding and spinning what was once considered "waste" into valuable new recover yarns.

4. Recover yarns are made into new fabrics. Recover yarns are knit or woven into new textiles for virtually every product application imaginable. 

5. New products are made from recover fabrics. Apparel, accessories, home, and industrial products are cut and sewn from textiles made with Recover yarns.
6. Products made with Recover are purchased. Fashion, accessory, and home goods are brought, used, and eventually worn out, at which point they are returned to the Recover Upcycled Textile System.

One of Route13's next project is to incorporate Recover yarns into our collections more. So keep your eyes peeled for the recycled collection and do you part for the environment and start your own cycle with recycling old clothes and fabrics and make them into something new.