Chanel Iconic Runway SS15

Throwing it back this Tuesday with the master piece that was Karl Lagerfeld's creation with Chanel's SS15 iconic catwalk that was held in Paris.

Karl Leads a feminist riot on 'Boulevard Chanel', the Grand Palais transformed into the wide Parisian street like the ones that the students rioters battled the police in '68. 

This catwalk was on everyone's mind and spoken by the top publishers in the news. Karl got together a group of powerful strong models including; Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, Georgia May Jagger, Gigi Hadid and Edie Campbell to march down the runway at the finale of Chanel's SS15 catwalk in Paris. The group of models held signs stating "TWEED IS BETTER THAN TWEET", "MAKE FASHION NOT WAR", "FEMINST BUT FEMININE" "HISTORY IS HER STORY", "FREEDOM FIRST" signs were emblazoned in both English and French. Cara Delevingne lead the protest whilst shouting into a Chanel quilted megaphone "what do we want?".

Keeping the feminist theme Karl didn't forget feminism is also for the men too he sent a lone male model down the catwalk carrying a "HE FOR SHE" protest sign which is a nod with the head to Emma Watson's HEforSHE UN campaign for gender equality. Karl Lagerfeld also walked down the runway next to the protesting models.

Throughout the catwalk the iconic Chanel tweed made an appearance within the classic suits and two pieces. The models on the runway seemed to be laid back and enjoying the day at work looking like women bosses, in the elegant fabrics and powerful textures Chanel created.   

This catwalk moment was huge for the fashion industry to celebrate women's rights and encourage everyone to fight for feminist. It was a very powerful message that Karl sent to the public.

Watch the iconic catwalk