5 Top Tips to be the Perfect Valentine.

Be My Valentine!
As the romantic holiday is only a couple of days away, here’s a helping hand for those last-minute gift and date ideas for your loved ones.
The best way to make your significant other smile is to make it personal. It’s easy to pop down to your local corner shop and get some boxed chocolates in the mad rush but is that the best you can do? Dig deep this year and treat them to a gift that mirrors their personality. You are bound to earn some brownie points. Still confused with what to buy? No worries we got you!
Here’s Route 13’s top tips to be the perfect Valentine:
1. Sweet Treats
Simple but easy to get it wrong, don’t just get a bog-standard supermarket choccy box, make it personal.
Along with other chocolatiers,Thornton’s offer the perfect service at an affordable price. Get your partners silly nickname or a romantic message iced on to their favourite chocolate. It’s a small gesture but it’s the small things that make a difference.

Click for personalised treats.

2. Ready, Steady, Cook!

Missed out on booking your favourite restaurant? Don’t stress, bring both your favourite taste sensations from the restaurants you love to the comfort of your home!

Sack off the set menus and do it your way! Cook together, dine together, be together. It’s the perfect activity to bring you closer together on the most romantic day of the year.

 Check out our favourite cuisines below to get you started:

 Wagamama’s Recipes

 Pizza Recipes

 Mexican Recipes

 Sushi Recipes

 3. Collect Moments Not Things

Sick of thinking of new present ideas every year or just fancy a change? Mix it up and do something you can do together! Spending good quality time with one another whilst creating keepsakes and memories can be the best kind of present.

 Here are a few events you can attend around Leicestershire:

 The Pottery Shed

 Indian Cookery Classes

 Cocktail Making Class

 4. Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

As a present or as a fun evening together, how about moulding your own scented candle with a quick and easy at home kit? Create a romantic aroma with your personalised candle that you can make and light in the very same evening. Perfect for any occasion, love will definitely be in the air.

5. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Relationships can get caught up in the norm of everyday life and you can forget how magical it was when you first met.

What a perfect occasion to relive your first date or how you met.

Go back in time and remember all the small details that meant the most that day and do it all over again!