Top 5 Influential Bloggers from 2018!

2019 is the year for Route 13! As an up and coming brand that started in June last year, we have grown a lot in such a small space of time but there is still work to be done. We continue to work hard in order to fulfill the needs of our customers. New year, new goals, new achievements!!
Social media is such a big part of the business, with the daily posts showcasing our stock, dropping you girls an inspirational quote or sharing the latest trends that represent our look. As an online brand, social media and blogging are key elements into getting our voice heard and designs seen, giving us a platform to inspire our followers.
This year we are excited to get more bloggers involved with Route13. We love all the support we have received from our girls and can’t wait to see how this develops as we continue to collaborate with them. As the brand grows, we aim to branch out and build more relationships with influencers in the hope that you fall in love with what we design here at Route13.
We have put together a list of our 'Top 5 Influential Bloggers' that we have worked with and that's on our 2019 wish list…..


1. Sammie Josephene



We are hugely grateful for the work we have done with Sammie since last year and her support towards us has been fantastic.
One of the girls here at Route13 is from the same town as Sammie and it is great that part of her home town can now part of the brand. Just makes it that extra bit special, being able to create a community of girls who can represent our designs, that are genuine, kind hearted and true to themselves.
We love Sammie’s work ethic, she is the real meaning of Women Boss. She balances, being a mum to the most adorable two little boys, Freddy and Taylor, whilst working. She is smashing the game! Showing that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Being a blogger can be hard at times with the demands of businesses and having to look 100% all the time. We feel Sammie keeps it real throughout and even shows the low points alongside the high in her life and career, acknowledging that it is ok to take time out from social media.

Not only is Sammie a mother and blogger she also is an art teacher!!! This 27 year old women is a gift that just keeps giving!! Showing she has talent and brains as well as beauty! Although she has it all, she still surprises us with her dream to be a shark biologist…. now that’s one for the wish list hahaha!


Sammie has been modelling since she 18 years old for various agencies, which has helped her growth in followers on her social media platforms. From that, businesses send her gifts for her to promote by posting her 10 out of 10 selfies. Her influential presence has really taken off in the past year and she even got the chance to go to the misguided manor this Christmas! Super jealous!!

Sammie’s style is to die for! She can go from a girly girl to preppy, to casual or mosher skater girl!! WE LOVE IT! Why be one when you can do it all!


2. Amelia Brown 


Now on to our adorable Amelia, we have been working alongside the 24 year old from Leeds since September 2018 and she has been such a dream….

Being a project manager and inspiring blogger shows she has dedication to her dreams and we admire this so much in our girls! Working all day and then in the small window of spare time creating fabulous content; with a strong following of 12.8K she is winning at a young age in the industry!

Since working alongside bloggers here at Route13, it has really opened our eyes to how much girl power and love is around us! We love how supportive everyone in the blogging industry is, it’s like a little community of people who all have dreams they want to achieve.


When scrolling through Instagram we look at the bloggers with creative content and the “must have clothes” but once you get to know them as a person, it's far  more interesting seeing their posts. It's not just about what they wear, it’s about their lifestyle and sneak peaks of their life which we are introduced to. We love how Amelia is conscious about animal welfare, choosing to be a vegetarian and be actively aware of animal cruelty.


Amelia is fabulous to collaborate with, she fits into our brand like Cinderella’s glass slipper…perfecccttllllyyyy. She has a cute girly style but with a hint of edge who doesn’t shy away from colour; especially when the weather is so glum and all you want to do is hide away indoors. She steps out in her well styled outfits, strutting down the street getting the best photos for her feed.

 We feel our customers can relate so well with her, being hard working, exploring fantastic places and experiencing as much as she can in her busy lifestyle. She is very down to earth and connects so well with her following, interacting with them daily showing little insights into her life.

Her style is similar to our collections, with subtle tonal pieces and bold colours/prints to suit all occasions and mood, perfect wardrobe fillers! 

It’s been a pleasure working with Amelia and we’re super excited to see what the future holds with her.


3.Grace Surguy


Our newest blogger to the team is GRACEYYYY!! 30 years old and living in Nottingham, just a short train journey from us! We love the local support we get and having Grace and her followers so close to us is fab.

Grace is another wonder woman juggling full time work as a Digital Project manager and squeezing any part of her blogging in when she has a minute! We don’t know how she does it, looking effortlessly gorgeous with a jam-packed schedule!

 2019 is going to be a big year for Grace as she is getting MARRIED!!!! Her fiancé sounds so sweet, it’s so lovely to see he supports her dream to become a full-time blogger! We can’t wait to see what she looks like on her special day.


Working with Grace has been a pleasure! She can pull off any sort of style, going from girly to vintage or glam to sporty, her versatility inspires us. Her Instagram feed is well coordinated, with soft tonal themes and splashes of bold colour. We can’t get enough of her style, WE WANT HER WARDROBE!!!

Another little gem in Grace’s life that we can’t ignore is her adorable little Ralph! Seeing blogger's pets has inspired us to create a matching collection for all your furry friends! Once this launches be sure to see Ralphy in some gorgeous knitted jumpers we are sure he'll love them!



4.Chloe Rose


Being a small start-up business, we have set our own goals in the blogging world! Our first goal is to collaborate with Chloe, this girl is insane! From her photos to her blogs, she is so relatable. She has the most natural look and her effortless style shines through. The 25 year old blogger is not shy about the struggles of being in the spotlight on social media, happily giving advise to her aspiring followers.


Following her social presence, we have seen her journey from graduating in Fashion Business and promotion from Birmingham to becoming a blogger. Chloe then bravely quit her job as a personal shopper to pursue a career in blogging, where was born. It’s so refreshing to see her journey unravel … we always believe if you want something enough you will make it happen and Chloe is a prime example of that.

Chloe has had the opportunity to work with Missguided, MissPap, In The Style and many more. We feel her whole Instagram feed suits our Route13 customer to a T, with her outfit building tutorials showing you can achieve multiple looks with one statement piece. She styles her outfits with her own touch being brave with her choices and this is exactly what we try and achieve here at Route13.


At Route13 we love seeing the continuous support of our current girls, this has really helped the businesses brand exposure. Our next goal is to build a relationship with other well known Instagram names, we hope they can recognise us and understand how we are different from any other brand. We are a local, sustainable, knitwear-based company that really believe we stand out from the rest. We are experts in the knitwear industry which makes us one of a kind and a great investment. We have only been launched for around 6 months but have 28 years of knitwear experience behind us and we know 2019 is going to be a great year for us!


5.Kristy Green



Our fifth and final blogger is our local girl Kristy, having such a popular fashion influence just around the corner is so exciting! As a proud Leicester brand who create everything here under one roof in our knit heaven, from design to production it would be a great opportunity for us to collaborate with Kristy. We can all set goals, right?

We have followed her journey from being a model, owning her own salon working as a beauty therapist to taking the industry by storm with her global business. Her work ethic and lifestyle is a dream! She will tackle anything and achieve only the best with how much work she puts in and we love a hard-working woman! Girl power through and through!

Her Instagram feed is incredible, you can scroll of hours and hours admiring her “to die for” wardrobe. The content screams success and we are nothing but jealous of her worldwide travelling that she has had the opportunity to do alongside her beauty business venture. She is the definition of a boss babe!! It is obvious how beautiful Kristy is and she doesn’t just inspire us with her style, she inspires us to want more


New home, new Instagram, she is smashing both fashion and interior design, her home Instagram account is divine. So sleek and stylish… her walk in wardrobe dressing room is something else!!! Check out both of her accounts you will not be disappointed. @kristyjgreen @kjgreenhome

We would absolutely love to work alongside Kristy here at Route13 as her whole image fits like a glove for Route 13’s ambition. Her styling is second to none, with her love for knitwear and her interest in all things interior! We’d love to see Route13 on her!


Now you have seen who we love at the moment, get in touch and tell us who you think is one to watch out for on Instagram? We would love to hear your thoughts and who you think would look great styling Route13. Maybe its you, do you want to get on board and be the face for our brand?

For any enquiries, reach out to us on our email – or simply DM us on Instagram @_route13